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Origami and Beyond

About Us

Origami Without Borders - we aim to bond people thorough origami, regardless of nation, age, sex or belief. Through the aims of this modern time, we wish to create origami activities that suit literally everyone, everywhere.


The Best we Can - We try to ensure every event we make supplies the top experience from the folder’s point of view. We choose the models, as well as our teachers, and try to bring a fresh, updated and a wide picture of the origami world today. 


Innovation - not as a concept but as a clear, new path we are trying to pave. We promise to always look for the best ways and formats to deliver more origami to you.


We wish to improve - Once an event is finished, we ask ourselves, what did we do wrong? What was nicely executed? How can we improve the first and preserve the second? We are always open for suggestions and new ideas so don't hold back, please feel free to share your feedback with us.

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